2018 Past Events 
December 5, Holiday Luncheon
100 Newcomers gathered together in the wonderful banquet hall at White Oaks Resort and Conference Centre on December 5 for our annual luncheon. The buffet had a nice selection and everyone especially honed in on the desserts! We found the servers did an excellent job and the room was filled with positivity, even more so after the door prizes and centrepieces were distributed amongst the crowd. Events like these are great opportunities to meet other Newcomers outside of your Interest Groups.
Stay tuned for our next monthly event at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Museum on Jan.16.19 at 1:30pm.
See the EVENTS section to purchase tickets.
November 21, Monthly Meeting
Community Awareness
Our annual Community Awareness meeting was again a success for our members looking to get involved our lovely Community.  Twenty two groups were represented who were happy to chat with members old and new to NOTL who might be interested in joining in.  Our Newcomers could consider Dinner and Dancing, Lawn Bowling, Running, Donating, Gardening, and of course, Volunteering and Donating.

Presentations were made by Newark Neighbours and CARP.  Newark Neighbours Thrift Shop and Food Bank supports over 200 residents with their groceries as well as providing student bursaries for 6 local students to further their education. 

CARP is the Canada’s largest advocacy association for older Canadians with more than 300,000 members.  Its mission is to advocate for better healthcare, financial security, and freedom from ageism.

If you missed the meeting or would like to follow up here’s the list of groups who attended:


Special Event - November 20, 2018
Wreath-Making with Van Noorts Florists
- Addison Hall
Arranged as a Special Event, 10 members made beautiful Christmas wreaths with fresh greenery on November 20.  The Addison Hall (at St Mark's Church) smelled wonderful with all the lovely pine and cedar boughs we were using!
We all have a new appreciation of Florists for the way they wrangle that greenery into a beautiful wreath.   The students were all happy and proud at the end of the afternoon with our handiwork.  Thanks to the team from Van Noorts for sharing their skills and knowledge.
wreath class
Student wreaths

October 17, Monthly General Meeting
Ranunculus and Words About Wards
Our keynote speaker was Peggy Hooke, Past President of Niagara-on-the-Lake Newcomers Club & retired High School Civics Teacher and Head of History & Geography with TDSB (Toronto District School Board). Peggy stressed the importance of voting and explained that Niagara-on-the-Lake is actually made up of only one Ward. We were encouraged to study the issues and select candidates that we felt represented our concerns. With 5 voting stations as well as 4 advance polls, and hours til 8 pm-voting is hopefully convenient for everyone.
Fran Boot shared her quest to get everyone to spell Niagara-on-the-Lake correctly. Over the years the name evolved from N.o.t.L to NOTL (pronounced Nottle, like Bottle) and then many fell into the trap of using an ‘O’ and ‘T’ on the preposition and article respectively. We were all encouraged to use the acronym of NOTL or the correct use of lowercase for ‘-on-the-‘ as we write and type our new address.
The highlight of our afternoon was a presentation by Pim Boekestyn of Virgil Greenhouses on Hunter Road in Virgil. (please note, they are wholesalers only and NOT open to the public) We learned how Freesias and Ranunculus are grown through a tour of their remarkably modern and efficient greenhouse. Mr. Boekestyn showed us the bulbs and developing plants and gave us a tour of the facility.
It was a horticultural learning opportunity as well as a glimpse of what it takes to run and grow a business. We saw a fine example of a local successful entrepreneurial family.
Our event ran in 2 smalls groups of 15 and an interim coffee social time was enjoyed by all. Stay tuned for more Newcomers Events, a great opportunity to learn AND meet other women from your new community.
Green houses

September 28, Monthly Coffee & Conversation
You will find us the last Friday of the month, at 9:30 - at the Community Centre (NOTL) in the Simpson Room!  A chance to reconnect and catch up after the busy summer.  Plus you can buy your tickets for several coming events.  Stop by!
Coffee morning

September 19, Monthly General Meeting
Katherine Wheatly
Our Newcomers Monthly meeting on September 19 at the NOTL Community Centre started the season off with 200 enthusiastic women, which included 10 brand new members! 
Everyone was invited to sign up for their choice of Interest Groups (25 to choose from); you can still do so by visiting our website for more information.
The lovely and talented guitarist Katherine Wheatly entertained us for a short interlude after which we could continue to chat and make new acquaintances. Hopefully you can see her perform again sometime when she plays at a local restaurant.
Thank you to Erinn and Jamie of Sweets and Swirls Cafe for providing us with some lovely treats.
September Meeting