2019-2020 Past Events 
February Meeting - Bird Kingdom - February 12, 2020

On Wednesday, February 12, a group of NOTL Newcomers headed "south" to Niagara Falls in search of a warmer climate.  The destination was Bird Kingdom, on River Road, overlooking the Niagara River.  Housed in a former corset factory, and home of the original Niagara Falls Museum, Bird Kingdom is the largest free-flying indoor aviary. 

Hailey, our tour guide, lead us through the facility sharing a wealth of knowledge about the animals during a guided tour which lasted over 90 minutes.  Everyone in the group came away from this unforgettable experience with memories to last a lifetime.  After our tour we checked out the amazing gift shop on our way to the cafe where we enjoyed light refreshments.  If anyone is looking for a fun, memorable outing to brings friends and family to, this is the place!


January Meeting - Peller Estates Icewine Tour - January 15, 2020
So, we had 23 participants. And, if they were not in a good mood to begin with, I think they were by the end of the tour. 
It was fun and informative. We learned why NOTL is a micro climate and good for grape growing. 
We also learned a little bit about Peller’s beginning. We learned how champagne is made and, although Peller can not call it champagne, it is made in the same traditional method. We tasted a white and red wine and the Grand Finale, the Ice Wine in the 10below Icewine bar. 
Ice Wine
October Meeting - Ghost Walk - October 16, 2019
ghost walk
17 people braved the damp evening and the potential ghost encounters on October 16. Daniel our Ghost Tour guide was a great mix of information and a sense of humour as he guided us through Old Town to point out where the ghosts reside!  Unfortunately we saw more skunks than ghosts, but they are pretty scary too!
The tour was followed by warm drinks and dessert at the Olde Angel Inn.  Much appreciated.  And we were happy the Angel Inn ghost didn't join us that evening either!
Learn more about Ghost Walks and the Olde Angel Inn

September Welcome Back Meeting - Wednesday, September 27, 2019
Coffee & Conversation - Friday, September 18, 2019