Joining an interest group is a wonderful way to get to meet new people. We have a variety groups including book clubs, art classes, walking, cycling, and lunching out. Some groups meet on Zoom, but most are in person.
Once you become a club member you will have access to the list of groups and their conveners thought the Website Members Only section.  You then are able to find out more about the group by contacting the convener.  You can join more than one group.
We encourage the creation of new groups to accommodate interested members however all groups must have a volunteer group convener in order to get established.
Please contact the Director of Interest Groups - Mary Varacalli, if you have an idea to share. We would be happy to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.  Contact the Director of Interest Groups

No ScentsWe ask that all members be 'Scent Free' and refrain from wearing scented products when attending NOTL Newcomers Events.  People with a sensitivity to scents can experience severe reactions to these products. Please help everyone enjoy a safe experience at NOTL Newcomers by adhering to this request.
Please note this a bylaw in NOTL - all town facilities are to be Scent Free.

Also note that Interest Group Convenors have been instructed to follow ALL ONTARIO COVID PUBLIC HEALTH guidelines when running their groups.

Check the Events page to see the scheduled Group activities.


Interest Group

(click on the name for further information)

Meeting times

Full or open


Outdoor “Any book” Book Club  (OABBC)

3rd Monday of the month at 6:30 pm


Meets in local parks, members’ homes or via Zoom. Waiting list available. Breaks for July/August

Book Club One

1st Monday of the month  2 pm


Yes – Location varies monthly

Book Club Two

2nd Tuesday of the month
2 - 4 pm


Rotating locations, in member homes

Waiting list available

Any Book Club

Last Wednesday of month

1-3 pm


First meeting April 26 at Convenor’s home, thereafter members take turns or meet in the park in better weather

The Breakfast Club
Various times/locations
Once a month
OPEN Breakfast limited to 8 with a waiting list available
All levels
Mondays 9 am

OPEN Meet at the Community Centre Parking Lot

Euchre group

Twice monthly on the
2nd and 4th Monday of month from 4-6 pm

Summer break after June 12 - resumes September 11


Community Centre - Mori Room (cost of room to be shared - likely under $4/person) 


“Don’t laugh at me golf club!”

4th Wednesday each month 

2:30 pm


Yes – June – Oct only
Garden City Golf Club (St. Catharines)

Maximum 3 year term

Pop up Golf
Various days & times
Various pop up days/locations
Members contacted weekly via email
Knitting & Crochet 2nd Tuesday of month from 1 to 4 pm  OPEN
Rotating at members’ homes
Summer break as of July

Lunch Out - Lauren

4th Wednesday


Various Restaurants in NOTL and community

Lunch Ladies - Sue

3rd Thursday - Noon


Various Restaurants in NOTL and community

Let's Go to the Movies

Usually the first or second  Monday of the month.

Summer break May through September


St Catharines and Niagara Falls

Movie to be decided the week before.


Mondays and Wednesdays 9 am.


Yes.  Meet at the tennis courts by the pool on King Street.  Just show up.

Walking with our furry friends
Thursdays 9 am
Beginning June 8th
All pets must be on leash
Meet at the tennis courts by the pool on King Street.  Just show up.
Walking Weekends Saturdays and/or Sundays – Varies Weekly
Convenor needed
Yes - Location TBD
Join the mailing list for locations and times.
Watercolour Wednesday Wednesday 3-5 pm OPEN Yes - by Zoom