Photo Scavenger Hunt in Queenston
Tue Oct 26 11:59 pm
Queenston village area

October 1 to 26
Join us for another fun Photo Scavenger Hunt - this time in Queenston.
Photographic Scavenger Hunt in Queenston

Ready to do some exploring?  This month members have an opportunity to discover interesting locations in Queenston.

The Queenston Photo Hunt will test your observational skills by identifying the location of item in the 25 photos. All photographs were taken outdoors within easily accessible public places, along sidewalks or places of business.

Please submit your answers to Patty Neame by midnight October 26 at with the subject line Newcomers Queenston Photo Hunt.

Have fun!

Simply print off our Photo Sheet, and take a look at the 25 pictures.  (PDF - Two pages) Print off the Rules Page so you know how to submit your answers.

Bonus - Queenston Event 

Explore Queenston, Saturday, October 16

We’re inviting you to take a walk through the historic village of Queenston and enjoy the fall colours.  A special day has been planned by the RiverBrink Art Museum and we’re taking advantage of this great opportunity.  Don’t forget to bring along your photo sheets for our Scavenger Photo Hunt contest.  Take a walk with a member of your family, a friend or a neighbour. 

Details are provided in the Media Release.